Our established ship recycling department assists our clients in the often fraught business of ship demolition.  With our client led approach we demystify this often misunderstood business to assist owners in achieving the best prices with the fewest potential problems.

We are a major player in the recycling of all types of vessels; whether a traditional beaching in the sub-continent at Alang, Chittagong or Gadani, or in Europe when it will most often be in Aliaga, or Asia where it is either North or South China.  Our demolition buyers will also take delivery worldwide on an ‘as is’ basis.

The desk is located in London with over 30 years combined shipping experience to ensure a first class service.

Asifur Rahman

Sale and Purchase / Recycling Office Address 8 Shenton Way Axa Tower #13-01 68811 Singapore Direct Line: +65 6661 2974 Mobile Phone: +65 9751 7744

Tom Westerling

Director LondonSale and Purchase / Recycling Office Address 40 Gracechurch Street 3rd Floor London EC3V 0BT UK Direct Line: +44 20 7457 8716 Mobile Phone: +44 7798 834 144

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